Patalkot Valley @ Tamia at Madhya Pradesh


Patalkot is famous for the primitive tribal villages located in the
Steep valley.

Patalkot valley is spread over an area of 79 sq km. Around 12 villages
in patalkot are located at the distance of 2–3 km each.This valley is
shaped in horse–shoe and is surrounded by hills and there are
different pathways to reach the villages located inside the valley.

The tribes living there are very primitive and are know as Bharias.
Bharias have been living here for more than 500 years.

Patalkot is located near Tamia tehsil of Chhindwara distirct in
M.P.One can stay at a hotel in Tamia which is around 25 kms away from Patalkot. Tamia is also a beautiful small place for a perfect getaway.

The main villages of the valley are: Rated, Chimtipur, Gujja Dongri,
Sahra Pachgol, Harra-ka-Char, Sukhabhand, Dhurni malni, Jhiram, Palani
Gaildubba, Ghatlinga, Gudichattri, Gaildubba, Kareyam, Ghana, etc.

This a place is untouched and therefore tranquil and wonderful place .
It provides beautiful sceneries , landscapes , valleys , innocent
tribal people and opportunities for lots of adventures viz trekking,
mountaineering, Para gliding, village safari etc. It is also famous
for some rare medicinal plants and herbs

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