Sanchi-Bhojpur and Udayagiri caves

Sanchi is a world heritage site located 46 km from Bhopal. Sanchi is famous for its renowned Buddhist Sanchi Stupa showcasing Buddhist art and architecture and it is also the oldest stone structure in India which was built during the Mauryan empire. The best was to visit Sanchi is from Bhopal. Therefore, one should reach Bhopal (the capital of M.P) stay over night and then take a same day excursion trip to Sanchi. 

From Sanchi, Udayagiri caves is just 40 minutes drive and therefore, it can also be easily covered along with Sanchi. Udaygiri caves are a group of twenty rock-cut caves made during Gupta period.

Bhojpur can also be covered along with Sanchi and Udayagiri caves on the same day. Bhojpur is famous for the huge but incomplete Bhojesvar temple dedicated to lord Shiva. It was built by the ruler of Paramara dynasty named king Bhoja between. The Shiv Linga in this temple is one of the largest lingas in India. It is 5.5 m tall and 2.3 m in circumference and made from a single stone.

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