Route/Road from Jabalpur to Kanha

Route from Jabalpur to Kanha:
The route from Jabalpur to Kanha is via Mandla. This is approx  200 km .  However, this road is in very bad condition and hence not recommended.

Suggested Route from Jabalpur to Kanha:
The recommended route from  Jabalpur to Kanha is via Barela, Maneri, Niwas and , Mandla. This is route is just 25 kms more than the traditional route. The road on this route is in very good condition. The drive is very enjoyable and it gives an opportunity to see the scenic beauty on the way. The mountains, jungles,  landscapes, and villages.

Midway on the way from Jabalpur to Kanha:: 
Please note that one can stop on the midway at Madhya Pradesh tourism property at Mandla.

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